Frequently asked questions

How do I make my soap last longer?

To increase the usage of handmade soap, it is best store in a well drained area that will allow the soap to dry out between uses.

Why should I choose handmade soap over store bought soap?

Handmade soap's are generally made with natural ingredients (with the expection of fragrance and colorants in some) while store bought soaps are filled with synthetic detergents, which actually means they are not true soaps accroding to the FDA defintition. Commercial soaps also remove the glycern from the finished product, creating a more drying product. Handmade soaps retain this glycern which creates a gentler, more nourishing product.

Do you do custom orders?

Please contact us if you desire a custom order. Time permitting, we do occasionally provide custom scents and designs. These would require a minimum order.

Do any products stain?

None of our products stain either the skin or tub. All colorants are complete safe and wash off.

Are these products all natural?

All products listed as unscented or using essential oils are all natural. Fragrance oils are used in some products and are clearly listed.