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I have always enjoyed working with my hands and making various crafts as well as cooking. I got this desire and skill as a child from my mom who is very talented when it comes to crafts.  As a teenager, my mom started getting involved in selling her products at craft shows, and I enjoyed helping out and selling my products. As I got older, I started looking at different things that I could do to remain in the crafting business but differentiate what I do from what my mom does and specialize in a specific craft rather than doing a large variety from different craft fields. When I started a family of my own, I also started being more conscious of what was included in store bought bath products and thought that I could combine these 2 aspects of my life. As a result, I started making and selling handmade soaps and lotions made with natural ingredients. I am constantly in the process of expanding and constantly adding new scents and products, as well as removing less popular options. I am hopeful that as my daughter grows I can continue the passion of crafting and help her to find her niche and what she enjoys.

In addition to selling on my website, I also attend local vending shows in the Vegas Valley.  I'm am available for local house parties as well.

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