Monthly Spa Boxes

Busy?  Need a break? 


The Monthly Spa Box is a great way to take a break and relax without ever leaving your home!

Every month you will receive a box delivered to your door that will allow you to pamper yourself in your own home.  Each month will have a different theme, and new products for you to try!

Imagine  a tea bath bag filled with Epsom salt, dry Chamomile tea leaves and Lavender buds so you can soak your troubles away.  And a Lavender Chamomile candle to continue your calming experience both in and out of the bath.  Top it off with a moisturizing clay facial mask to leave you face feeling refreshed.  After you're escape from reality, you're able to get a much better nights sleep and start the next day more refreshed.  All this delivered to your doorstep.

Or imagine filling your tub and dropping int a bath truffle that takes you on a journey to a tropical island, filled with moisturizing oils that will leave your skin silky soft and nourished.  Once you get out of the tub, carry that scent with you in a lotion you can apply throughout the day to keep your skin moisturized.  And remember that feeling every day using a moisturizing bar soap that fills your bathroom with the same tropical scent.  


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